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Please download our standardized (PDF) MA3Grassroots note taking booklets to uproot candidate positions. Included are the names of key legislation we are asking our candidates, text summaries of the bill(s), and an introductory paragraph about the importance of this subject. Please print out the booklet(s) of your choice and root, root, root! More questions means more answers means more data for voters and higher political accountability. Thank you for your contributions.

Wars in the ME Rooting Booklet

Campaign Finance Rooting Booklet

Nuclear Disarmament Rooting Booklet

People's Budget Rooting Booklet

Trade Deals Rooting Booklet

Immigration Policy Rooting Booklet

Healthcare Rooting Booklet

Election Integrity Rooting Booklet

Israel and Palestine Rooting Booklet

Gun Control Rooting Booklet

Climate Policy Rooting Booklet

Additional resources:

  • Letter to the Editor about MA3Grassroots

  • Sample rooting email to candidates

  • Friends Committee on National Legislation Bird Dogging Guide

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