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Our Mission

We believe in grassroots democracy as a cornerstone of enacting honest change in politics. But politics has become unattractive and the trust between politicians and their constituents continues to wane. Now 13 democratic candidates are competing to represent us in the 116th United States Congress. But there simply is not enough time to learn about them all.


MA3Grassroots is working to empower voters by making participation in Massachusetts' 3rd Congressional District midterm election simple and easy. Through grassroots driven data collection, MA3Grassroots will track candidate's voting preferences on pending legislation in Congress relating to the following: 

  • Climate Justice

  • Foreign Policy in the Middle East

  • People’s Budget

  • Nuclear Disarmament

  • Israel & Palestine

  • Immigration

  • Trade Deals

  • Citizens United

  • Healthcare

  • Election Integrity

MA3Grassroots is a simple tool of accountability. We want voters to know what their candidates say and build stronger connections between constituents and their elected official. MA3Grassroots is also an equal opportunity for candidates to share how they will vote to deliver the change they believe is best. Our findings will be publicized for everyone to use as a resource in their education. We hope this resource expands political awareness, strengthens grassroots democracy, and promotes citizen ownership over our political system.

**Disclaimer** MA3Grassroots posts tallies of responses collected from candidates to help voters make decisions. We are not affiliated with any campaign nor do we endorse any candidate. 

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