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Our Project

First and foremost, we want members of the 3rd congressional district to be engaged with the primary election. Powerful grassroots democracy depends on our participation. Our website hosts a postboard of candidate events to make opportunities to engage candidates more accessible to voters. You can find upcoming speaking events in the Event Calendar tab. 


MA3grassroots deploys a team of “rooters” to record candidate voting preferences at speaking events around the district. Rooters is our term for members of MA3Grassroots who will  attend forums, town halls, and fundraisers to root out candidate positions. Rooters use standardized MA3Grassroots booklets to provide Rooters with consistent legislation to ask how candidates will vote, if elected. The booklets serve as an education resource to connect votes with legislation they may not be aware of and bolder confidence to pose an informed question to candidates. These data points will be visually represented in an easy to understand voting scorecard.

At its conclusion, MA3grassroots invisions a primary that elects the most representative candidate of the 3rd MA district. Once elected, MA3grassroots will know exactly what was promised by their representative for all to hold them accountable for their actions.

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